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We always enjoy looking back at seeing which of our articles were the most popular with our readers.

This also helps us to better understand what our readers are interested in.

Lets take a look back at the Top 10 articles of 2018 and also the Top 10 articles of all time!

First, lets look at this past year –

2018 – Top 10

10. Photo Releases Required At Meets

9. Op Ed – Culture Change is Val Kondos-Field

8. USOC to USAG – Make Changes Or Lose NGB Status

7. USA Gymnastics Verification Camp Streamed Live

6. Behind the Scenes of an Elite Family – Part 1

5. US Championships – Men’s & Women’s Schedules & Athletes

4. Permanently Ineligible & Suspended USAG Members

3. Artificial Intelligence Set To Judge In 2020

2. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – MG Elite’s Maggie Haney

And now, the most read article for 2018 is….

1. Making An Olympic Team – By The Numbers

We have written many articles in the past 4 years that have ranged from Meet Results, Op Ed pieces, Interviews, Educational articles, and more.

From 282 articles published between 2015-2018, what are the Top 10 of all time?


2015 – 2018 Top 10

10. New Required Training for USA Gymnastics Professional/Instructor Members (2017)

9. SafeSport & USA Gymnastics – Reporting Procedures for Sexual and Non-Sexual Misconduct (2017)

8. Athlete Burnout – Symptoms and Prevention (2017)

7.  Permanently Ineligible & Suspended USAG Members (2018)

6. Artificial Intelligence Set To Judge In 2020 (2018)

5. What’s Your Bar Angle? (2016)

4. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – MG Elite’s Maggie Haney (2018)

3. Making An Olympic Team – By The Numbers (2018)

2. Proposed Compulsory Skills for 2021-2029 (2017)

The #1 article of all time, for the 3rd year in a row is…

1. Scoring A Front Handspring Vault (2016)

It is great to see that 4 out of the Top 10 articles of 2018 made it into the list of Top 10 articles of all time.  WOW!

We love to hear from our readers about the types of article ideas they are interested in reading.

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