2019 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Bracket



The Regional placements were announced Monday, March 25 for the NCAA Women’s Gymnastics teams.

Following the list of Regional assignments is a .pdf of the Women’s bracket.

Ann Arbor Regional – University of Michigan


Penn State
Ohio State
West Virginia
Central Michigan

All-Around Competitors

Mary Jane Otto, Illinois
Denelle Pedrick, Central Michigan
Karen Howell, Illinois
Emili Dobronics, Eastern Michigan

Individual Event Specialists

Vault – Kasey Meeks, Illinois
Vault – Kayla Baddeley, University of Illinois at Chicago
Vault – Allie Smith, Eastern Michigan
Vault – Riley Mahoney, University of Illinois at Chicago
Uneven Bars – Serena Baker, University of Illinois at Chicago
Uneven Bars – Cortney Bezold, Eastern Michigan
Uneven Bars – Gianna Plaksa, Central Michigan
Uneven Bars – Dara Williams, Kent State
Balance Beam – Mia Lord, Northern Illinois
Balance Beam – Shaylah Scott, Illinois
Balance Beam – Emerson Hurst, Towson
Balance Beam – Mary Elle Arduino, Towson
Floor Exercise – Anna Martucci, Northern Illinois
Floor Exercise – Abby Fletcher, Kent State
Floor Exercise – Kylie Noonan, Illinois
Floor Exercise – Alisa Sheremeta, University of Illinois at Chicago

Athens Regional – University of Georgia


Iowa State
NC State
New Hampshire

All-Around Competitors

Danielle Mulligan, New Hampshire
Rachael Underwood, Western Michigan

Individual Event Specialists

Vault – Khazia Hislop, North Carolina
Vault – Drew Grantham, NC State
Vault – Mikayla Robinson, North Carolina
Vault – Ariana Castrence, Temple
Vault – Alexa Phillips, NC State
Vault – Nicole O’Leary, New Hampshire
Uneven Bars – Lauren Kent, NC State
Uneven Bars – Jessica Wang, Yale
Uneven Bars – Mei Li Costa, Brown
Uneven Bars – Morgan Spence, Western Michigan
Balance Beam – Khazia Hislop, North Carolina
Balance Beam – Monica Servidio, Temple
Balance Beam – Brittany West, Pittsburgh
Floor Exercise – Khazia Hislop, North Carolina
Floor Exercise – Belle Huang, Rutgers
Floor Exercise – India Anderson, Temple
Floor Exercise – Alexa Phillips, NC State

Baton Rouge Regional – Louisiana State University


Brigham Young
Arizona State
George Washington
Lindenwood (Missouri)

All-Around Competitors

Alex Zois, George Washington
Jovannah East, Bowling Green
Lea Mitchell, Michigan State

Individual Event Specialists

Vault – Julianna Roland, Bridgeport
Vault – Stefanie Schweikert, Ball State
Vault – Lauren DeMeno, Bowling Green
Vault – Marissa Nychyk, Ball State
Uneven Bars – Kathryn Doran, Bridgeport
Uneven Bars – Jessica Ling, Michigan State
Balance Beam – Hannah Cohen, George Washington
Balance Beam – Courtney Mitchell, Lindenwood (Missouri)
Balance Beam – Erin Alderman, Texas Woman’s University
Floor Exercise – Gabriella Douglas, Michigan State
Floor Exercise – Kaitlyn Menzione, Ball State
Floor Exercise – Anna Kaziska, Southeast Missouri State

Corvallis Regional – Oregon State University


Boise State
*Oregon State
Southern Utah

All-Around Competitors

Madison Ward-Sessions, Utah State
Taylor Chan, San Jose State
Kelley Hebert, UC Davis

Individual Event Specialists

Vault – Maddi Leydin, Arizona
Vault – Heather Swanson, Arizona
Uneven Bars – Christina Berg, Arizona
Uneven Bars – Anna Salamone, Air Force
Uneven Bars – Nicole Chow, Iowa
Uneven Bars – MaKayla Bullitt, Utah State
Uneven Bars – Danielle Spencer, Arizona
Uneven Bars – Jax Kranitz, Iowa
Balance Beam – Sophia Hyderally, Alaska Anchorage
Balance Beam – Clair Kaji, Iowa
Balance Beam – Autumn DeHarde, Utah State
Balance Beam – Haylie Hendrickson, Arizona
Balance Beam – Alyssa Ito, UC Davis
Balance Beam – Yasmine Yektaparast, UC Davis
Floor Exercise – Lauren Guerin, Iowa
Floor Exercise – Christina Berg, Arizona
Floor Exercise – Clair Kaji, Iowa
Floor Exercise – Maddi Leydin, Arizona
Floor Exercise – Autumn DeHarde, Utah State

* Denotes Regional Host

2019 Ncaa women’s bracket – 

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2019 NCAA Women’s Bracket

Click here to see the breakdown of the Regional competition format and Championship qualifying procedures.

Source: ncaa.org


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