Be Coached By An Olympian


Have you ever wanted the advice, help, assistance, and/or guidance from a National, World, or Olympic Champion on ways to improve your gymnastics?

The best person to help you possesses an impressive 59 international medals and 49 national medals, most of them GOLD. She was the first US woman to win back to back World All-Around titles (’93 & ’94) and was a member of the Magnificent Seven who won the Team gold at the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta.

If you guessed Shannon Miller then you are correct!

Shannon has produced a line of Gymnastics How To… YouTube videos to help gymnasts improve various skills ranging from how to hold a longer handstand to perfecting your split leap to doing an amazing full turn.

The first video in the collection is Gymnastics How To: Work Your Backbend with Shannon Miller.


All of Shannon’s Gymnastics How To… videos can be found on her YouTube page.


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