Biles & Boorman Go Separate Ways



Aimee Boorman watches over Simone Biles while on beam. Photo:
Aimee Boorman watches over Simone Biles while on beam.

Olympic all-around gold medalist Simone Biles and her long time coach, Aimee Boorman, have gone separate ways as the Rio Games have come to a close.

Boorman has moved to Evo Gymnastics in Sarasota, Florida to be the new executive director of women’s gymnastics and elite coordinator.

“My vision for what a gymnastics facility should be is reflected in EVO.  Not only having world-class equipment and staff, but the dedication to exceeding the needs of all members of the EVO family, athletes, their families’ coaches and staff while providing a platform for developing young athletes to reach their great potential,”  Boorman states as reported by USA Today.

In a statement received by, the general manager of World Champions Center Adam Biles reports, “Aimee no longer works with us at this time. Her family has moved to Florida so that her husband could pursue a job opportunity that he was offered.”

Biles has not ruled out 2020 in Tokyo but for now will be focusing on performing in the Kellogg’s Tour of Olympic Champions with her fellow Final Five team members and enjoying some free time.

If Biles does return to training, it will be interesting to see if she follows Boorman or stays at the gym her parents built for her in Houston, Texas.



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