Dance Clinic a Success



Vinnie Silber & Val Kondos-Field

On Saturday, July 15 we co-hosted a dance clinic with SET-10 at More Than Gymnastics that featured the Head Coach of the UCLA Bruins women’s gymnastics team, Val Kondos-Field.

The 3 hour clinic consisted of a motivational/inspirational lecture and dance session.

During the lecture, Ms. Val discussed how the athletes should make their own choices in life & training and not allowing others to make the choices for them.  In addition, she discussed how these choices directly affect their immediate situation and how these choices can affect the athlete long term.

Ms. Val provided the athletes with the following inspirational phrase:

Life is about choice. The choices I make will dictate the life I lead.

In addition, Ms. Val discussed the meaning behind, “Act as if…”  (We are not going to explain what this means, you will have to have Ms. Val come to your gym to explain the meaning!)

(Pictures courtesy of Stephanie Othersen)

Then it was time for choreography & dance.

The athletes spent almost 2 hours learning choreography to a routine set to a Bruno Mars song.

But it was more than just learning choreography.  It was about learning how to listen to music, how to interpret the music, learning counts, understanding facial and eye expressions, how to express your personality through the music, and MORE.

Here is a small clip from the choreography session:

After the dance clinic Ms. Val sat down with Gym Blog Central for a Live Facebook interview.

We recapped & discussed the dance clinic, the upcoming ’17-’18 NCAA season, future team leaders for the Bruins, and much more.

You can see the interview here.


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