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For competitions, most gymnasts have one routine on each event that they work endless hours on in order to perfect it before performing in front of the judges.

With each of these routines, a gymnast may have a slight variation of that routine in case a mistake occurs or they are having an issue with a skill or combination of skills at the time of competition.

Sydney Johnson-Scharpf: Day 1

But for Senior Elite Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, she went one step further and had two completely different floor routines prepared by the time she arrived at the 2017 P&G Championships in August.

Sydney’s second floor routine wasn’t created as a back-up routine but instead was choreographed to pay homage to the sport she has trained and loved all her life, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

GBC: At Nationals this year, you decided to compete two completely different floor routines. Why?

SJS: My decision to do two different floor routines this year was because I really wanted to show versatility in my artistry. Competing internationally and really listening to what FIG and the judges were looking for, I felt I understood what they wanted and I wanted to show them that I could do it. This also had not been done in US history. Maybe in some way I could get people thinking that to find the best floor workers in the World or the Olympics this could be a possible requirement.

GBC: Were the results from Day 1 of competition a factor in you not competing your second routine on Day 2?

SJS: I came in with a plan and a goal of show casing both routines. I trained both and wanted to debut both of them. My health situation was the biggest factor going in.

Sydney Johnson-Scharpf: Day 2
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GBC: What was the reaction of Valeri and your competitors when they heard you were going to compete two different routines?

SJS: Everyone was supportive and excited to see the two different styles of routines. I got a lot of different reactions. Some people loved the first routine because they were used to seeing the fun, sassy me while others were intrigued by the theatrical, dramatic deliverance of the second routine because people have never seen that side of me.

GBC: If you were chosen to participate in the World Team Selection Camp, which routine would you have chosen to focus on? Why?

SJS: If I was only allowed to choose one of them, I think I would have chosen the dramatic one. The artistry in the second routine was stronger and was told that this is what the international judges were looking for.

GBC: Which of the routines is your favorite? Why?

SJS: I really love both of them but my second routine was a lot of fun to get into the character. I was a sorceress fighting to keep my heart which I lost in the end. I also loved being able to help Annette at Dreamlight design the unique leotard for that routine.

Sydney’s floor routine from Day 1 was a fun and flirty routine that had a Caribbean musical style.

The judges evaluation of this routine resulted in a 5.2 Start Value and just over 8 points in deductions for a final score of 13.55.

Day 1 Floor Routine:

The floor routine on Day 2 was a dynamic and dramatic performance piece!

The judges evaluation of this routine was very similar to the results of Day 1; 5.1 Start Value,  over 8 points in deductions, and a final score of 13.55.

Day 2 Floor Routine:

Scores from Sydney’s Day 1 and Day 2 floor routines placed her in a tie for 4th place on floor at the end of P&G Championships.

Sydney trains at Brandy Johnson’s Global Gymnastics Academy and was a member of the ’15-’16 US Senior National Team.  She is finishing her senior year of high school and will be competing for the Florida Gators beginning in 2018.

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