Levels 1 & 2 Flourishing in Florida


I recently judged the USA Gymnastics Florida Level 1 & 2 State Championships in St. Augustine hosted by Destination Meets and run by Meetminders.   It seems like yesterday that I judged my first Florida Level 1 & 2 state meet 7 or 8 years ago.

judges table

The first time I judged a Level 1 & 2 state meet was in a local gym in Ocala, FL and, if I remember correctly, we only had enough athletes to run one maybe one and a half days of competition.

This year we had approximately 230 Level 1 athletes and approximately 411 Level 2 athletes spread out between 10 sessions all weekend competing in a modified Capital Cup format.  For those of you who do not know what that is, while one group of athletes is competing another group is warming up on another set of equipment.  Once the judges are done with one group, they move to the other set of equipment and judge that other group.

As I did in my first Level 1 & 2 State Meet, I judged bars this year and the level of competition and skill work demonstrated by this year’s athlete’s was incredible.  The attention to form and technique shown by a large majority of the athlete’s was impressive especially since these athletes are so young.

The tight straight legs that were glued together on the chin up, pullover in both levels was impressive.  The casting had straight arms with great “push up” positions at the height of the cast.  In addition, the amplitude of the circling elements and the dismounts in both levels added to a nice finish to the routines.

As a result of this great work, my panel judge, Kelly Flagler, and I awarded a handful of scores of 9.90 or higher.  As a side note, many of the 9.9 or higher scores came from the younger age divisions in both Level 1 and Level 2.


The highlight of the weekend was a routine that was awarded a PERFECT 10.0 to an athlete from TumbleBees Gymnastics in Miami, FL.

It was truly an enjoyable week not only due to watching some great gymnastics from some of youngest competitors in the state but also because of the well run meet put together by Destination Meets and Meetminders.

In addition, the floating Meet Referee, Nikki Spinelli, did an amazing job keeping everyone (coaches, athletes, and judges) on task and the meet running smoothly.

I look forward to having the honor again of judging another USA Gymnastics Florida State Meet.

For full meet results, click here.


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