NCAA Women’s National Qualifiers & Upsets



The first year of the new format for Regionals had its highs and lows.

We had a 5 perfect 10.0 routines from some family faces!  Click here to see those routines.

But the big story was the upsets at the Ann Arbor Regional and at the Corvallis Regional meets.

Two of the top teams in the SEC and country didn’t qualify to National Championships.

It was extremely close at the Ann Arbor Regional meet between Michigan and Alabama.  But Michigan was able to over take Alabama for the second qualifying spot of the meet to Nationals by only 0.05.

At the Corvallis Regional meet, Florida had to count a fall on beam and lost qualifying to Nationals by only 0.20 to Oregon State.

Teams qualifying to Nationals –

  • Oklahoma
  • UCLA
  • Georgia
  • LSU
  • Denver
  • Michigan
  • Utah Baton
  • Oregon State

Here is the full bracket of winning teams from each Regional site.

*NOTE: The winning teams are correct but the scores next to some of the teams are incorrect.  This bracket is from the site.

Individuals qualifying to Nationals –


  • Sienna Crouse, Nebraska
  • Alex Hyland, Kentucky
  • Alicia Boren, Florida
  • Lexy Ramler, Minnesota


  • Taylor Houchin, Nebraska
  • Milan Clausi, California
  • Derrian Gobourne, Auburn
  • Savannah Schoenherr, Florida


  • Cairo Leonard-Baker, Arizona State
  • Trinity Thomas, Florida
  • Sabrina Garcia, Penn State
  • Cally Nixon, Kentucky


  • Jessie Bastardi, Penn State
  • Alyssa Baumann, Florida
  • Hailey Garner, Arkansas
  • Brooke Kelly, Missouri


  • Trinity Thomas, Florida
  • Abby Armbrecht, Alabama
  • Sophia Carter, Arkansas
  • Sidney Dukes, Kentucky

Click here to see full meet results.

The Women have their National Championships on April 19 & 20 in Fort Worth, Texas.  Stay tuned for meet information and a complete competition schedule !






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