New Year Resolutions From Gymnastics Celebs



Do you know what a New Year resolution is?

A New Year resolution is when an individual resolves to change an unwanted trait or behavior in order to accomplish a goal or to improve their life.

Have you made any resolutions in the past or do you plan to make any this year?

We reached out to some top figures in the sport of gymnastics to see what their New Year resolutions will be for 2018!

And here is what they said…

Aimee Boorman (former coach of Olympic AA Champion, Simone Biles): My new years coaching resolution is to keep an even closer eye out for potential abusive situations that are happening in youth sports and continuing to protect children.

Valorie Kondos-Fields (Head Coach of the UCLA Bruins Women’s Gymnastics Team): Life is Short ~ Don’t Wait to Dance.  What this looks like is waking up each morning grateful to get another day and living each day without regrets.  Making choices that propel me to live fully without concern about how others may judge my choices.

Danell Leyva (US Olympic Medalist): Try to make each day even more productive than the last.

Shannon Miller (US Olympic Gold Medalist): The new year is a great time for me to step back and analyze what went well and where I could do better.  In 2018, I’ll keep cherishing each moment as our kids grow, make (more) time for fitness and continue with my company’s mission of helping women make their health a priority.

Akash Modi (US Men’s National Team & Stanford Alumni): My new years resolution is to give back to the gymnastics community and instill the same sense of passion and excitement I have for the sport into the next generation. I’d like to open people’s minds to the idea that gymnastics is not just a women’s sport and nurture our community’s upcoming talent.

Jenny Rowland (Head Coach of the University of Florida Gators Women’s Gymnastics Team): To be the best me I can be!

Jordyn Wieber (Olympic Gold Medalist): My New Year’s resolution this year is to make my resolutions SPECIFIC and STICK TO THEM, in all aspects of my life. I decided to change it up this year because in the past, I have made resolutions that were vague and most of the time, I didn’t stick with them. Like any other year, my resolutions are to be healthier, happier, and do every single thing with more intention. To make it more specific, I decided to do Whole 30 starting on January 1st, where I will eat only whole foods for the first 30 days of the year in order to reset my body and my cravings. Another one of my resolutions is to be more intentional, so I decided to write down my goals, both big and small, in my personal and professional life, and a list of steps of how I am going to achieve them.

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