OKLAHOMA – NCAA National Champions



What an AMAZING night of competition!

The level of gymnastics performed by the women was some of the best, if not the best, that has been seen in NCAA Gymnastics history.

Not to mention the execution, choreography, and landings were outstanding.

The fight to win was stronger than ever.

The night was highlighted by 3 perfect 10.0 routines from; Maggie Nichols of Oklahoma & Peng Peng Lee of UCLA on Beam and by Alex McMurtry on Vault!

But in the end, the night went to OKLAHOMA!

They won their 3rd NCAA Championship and their 2nd in a row.

They have been strong as a team from day 1 and lead by Maggie Nichols and Chayse Capps!

The level of competition the Oklahoma women have shown throughout the season was impeccable.

LSU fought hard the entire meet due to some minor errors but were able to pull it together in the end for a 2nd place finish.

Through the entire meet, UF was steady and consistent which resulted in a solid 3rd place finish.

Final standings:

Super Six Final Standings
Source: roadtonationals.com

It is going to be an exciting year of competition in 2018!

Don’t forget to visit our College 10.0 Routines page to see videos of this years and past years routines that received a perfect score.

Source: roadtonationals.com

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