Photo Releases Required At Meets



Many Meet Directors across the country have photographers and/or videographers at their meets taking pictures and videos of athletes during competition.


Now, according to USA Gymnastics, Safe Sport policies now require these Meet Directors to have written permission from parents and/or guardians of a gymnast before an athlete can be photographed or video tapped!

“As per the USA Gymnastics’ Safe Sport Policy, permission must be given by the participant prior to taking any photos/video.  Without a parent’s (or legal guardian’s) consent, in the case of a Minor gymnast, or a gymnast’s consent, in the case of an adult gymnast, gymnasts may not be photographed or filmed, and no images of gymnasts may be posted publicly or privately. If consent is given, it may be revoked at any time.” states USA Gymnastics

They recommend that all Meet Directors do the following prior to any competition:

  1. Make all athletes and parents/guardians aware PRIOR to the competition that a photographer/videographer will be attending your meet.
  2. With the information provided in the meet packet, also provide a Photo Release form to be distributed to all parents/guardians PRIOR to the meet.
  3. REQUIRE all athletes to submit a completed and signed Photo Release form PRIOR to the start of the meet.
  4. Inform the photographer/videographer of any athletes that HAVE NOT completed and submitted a Photo Release form.
  5. Keep ALL completed Photo Release forms in a safe place after each meet.

In short, have a completed and signed Photo Release form of all participating athletes in your hand  before the start of your meet AND before a photographer/videographer takes any photos and/or videos of an athlete!

Sample Photo Release forms can be found online and can be edited to include your gym and/or meet information.


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