Q&A With Cheryl Hamilton – USA Gymnastics’ Women’s NTCC



We recently did a LIVE Facebook interview with Cheryl Hamilton, USA Gymnastics Women’s JO Program National Technical Committee Chair & Brevet Judge.

Cheryl responded to questions that were submitted by coaches and judges from around the country.

The topics included;
  1. Level 2/3 Vault
  2. Level 6/7 Vault
  3. Potential new deductions for Vault
  4. Level 2 Beam
  5. Beam leaps (split leaps and switch leaps)
  6. Beam & Floor composition
  7. Break time clarifications
  8. Attire deductions
  9. Various scenario clarifications
  10. And more…

The video of our interview can be found on our YouTube Channel!

TranscriptInterview – Cheryl Hamilton


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