Wendy Bruce Martin – Gymnastics Judge

Post Views 1,581 Wendy Bruce Martin is used to being the one being judged, not the one doing the judging. As an elite gymnast, Wendy spent 5 years on the US National Team and during this time she was a member of the ’89 World Championship Team and the ’92 Olympic Team.  Wendy trained at International School of Gymnastics Read More

The Dark Years: When Gymnastics was Too Painful to Watch

Post Views 808 This is an incredibly amazing autobiographical account of Wendy Bruce Martin’s journey from being an Olympic gymnast to who she is today.  She explains the internal and external battles of training, living, and breathing gymnastics for 15 years and how that affected her as she entered the “real world” without gymnastics.  Beautifully written Read More

What Simone Biles can Teach us about Competing.

Post Views 799 My friend and colleague, Wendy Bruce Martin, has granted Gym Blog Central permission to share the following article with you from her site, Get Psyched! Stories That Make You Go Hmmmmm. Many athletes feel the only way to win is to have an absolutely perfect performance. They feel that they can only win Read More