The Dark Years: When Gymnastics was Too Painful to Watch


This is an incredibly amazing autobiographical account of Wendy Bruce Martin’s journey from being an Olympic gymnast to who she is today.  She explains the internal and external battles of training, living, and breathing gymnastics for 15 years and how that affected her as she entered the “real world” without gymnastics.  Beautifully written and very poignant!  Enjoy…

I ended my gymnastics career on top. I achieved my ultimate goal: I made the Olympics, hit 8 out of 8 routines, and won a bronze medal. I was proud of myself and our team, but my pride and happiness didn’t last long.

For fifteen years I trained in gymnastics, I lived gymnastics, I breathed gymnastics, and every cell in my body was gymnastics. I worked almost every day trying to perfect my passion. I had calloused hands, chalk in my lungs, and bruises on my legs. My schedule and life were the same every day, every week, every year. Then one day…(Click Here to Cont. Reading)

My friend and colleague, Wendy Bruce Martin, has granted Gym Blog Central permission to share her article with you from her site, Get Psyched! Stories That Make You Go Hmmmmm.



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