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Riley McCusker, US Senior Elite National Team Member
Photo: Gymnastics Wikia

Did you know that there is an organization that can educate you on the development of athletes to the Elite level?  Did you also know that this organization will represent you on the USA Gymnastics Advisory Council and other committees?

The US Elite Coaches Association (USECA) for Women’s Gymnastics has been around for almost 41 years.

The USECA was started by a group of coaches who felt that coaching and gymnastics information was not being shared equally across the board to all coaches. They felt that only the “elite” coaches in the country were privy to certain information.

The USECA is governed by a board of long time members and contributors which is led by Tony Retrosi.

Retrosi is a coach, club owner, and clinician and has been a member of the USECA for almost 30 years.

Today, the USECA represents coaches from the JO Program through to the Elite level of USA Gymnastics.

Currently, the association has around 200 members which includes individual memberships and gym (group) memberships.

Tony Retrosi, Chairman of the USECA

Members of the USECA include Todd Gardner (Head Coach & Owner of Illinois Gymnastics Institute), Tom Forster (Head Coach & Owner of Aerials Gymnastics), Mary Lee Tracy (Head Coach & Owner of Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy), and Cheryl Jarrett (VP of Member Services at USA Gymnastics).

“The USECA is about education. No matter what level of gymnastics you are coaching at or trying to coach at, you will find useful information through monthly articles and videos.” states Retrosi.

With your USECA membership, you have access to online resources that includes educational articles and videos.

Examples of these online resources include:

    • Decoding Fear: Understanding the Different Types of Fear and What to Do About Them; Dr. Alison Arnold, Ph.D.
    • Shaping and Conditioning; Dan Baker, Head Coach Stars Gymnastics Houston
    • Principles for Refining Gymnastics Movement; Dr. Gerald George
    • How to Maximize Swing Technique in Uneven Bars; Dr. Gerald George
    • Tumbling Backward on Beam; Mary Lee Tracy
    • Trampoline Training Vault, Bars and Floor; Al Fong
    • Start Out Right and Plan for the Future, Creating Elite Beam Routines; Tammy Biggs
    • Are You Psyched for 2017? Time to Set Your Business/Coaching Goals! – Part III; Dr. Joe “Doc” Massimo and Dr. Sue Massimo
    • Nutrition News – What Do I Need to Know About Vitamin D?; By Jana Heitmeyer, M.Ed, RD, LD CSCS,SCCC, CSSD
    • Supplementary Drills for TOPs Physical Abilities!; By Rachel Anderson
Ragan Smith, US Senior Elite National Team Member

The USECA Journal is published to their website 8 to 10 times per year and 8 – 10 online video bundles (2 videos per bundle, totaling 16-20) per year.

Along with his leadership, Retrosi is also a major contributor of educational articles and videos for the association.

Your membership to the USECA also includes:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings at USA Gymnastics Congress.
  • Representation on the USA Gymnastics Advisory Council and other USA Gymnastics Committees.
  • A major voice and influence on the rules, policies and decisions that govern and affect our age group gymnasts and coaches.
  • Regular communication with members is a major goal of USECA, in order to keep you informed on elite level gymnastics and its relationship with all levels of gymnastics

To find out more information about the U.S. Elite Coaches Association or to become a member, click here.



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