USA Gymnastics Debuts – “Made In America”



USA Gymnastics recently debuted “Made In America“, a short film that paints a vibrant picture of all the success that the US has had over the past 15 years.

In the film, athletes such as Carly Patterson, Shawn Johnson, Courtney Kupets, and Alicia Sacramone, talk about the success the US team has had since 2001 and how the National Team Training Camps has played a huge role in this success.

In addition, you get to hear from the athletes on their perspective and feelings about the Training Camps, Marta Karolyi, and the bond they all have formed with each other while representing the US in World and Olympic competitions.

If you are like me, keep a box of tissues close by.  The emotion these athletes have for their sport, their team members, and country is powerful.  You can not help but fee proud of and amazed by these very talented young women!

*Give yourself some time to watch the video.  It is just over 40 minutes long!



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