Which One Is It – Tour Jeté ½ or Switch Leap 1/1



For some individuals, there are gymnastics skills that look similar to each other especially when being performed in a fast paced floor routine.

On floor exercise, two of these skills are the Tour Jeté ½ (#1.309) valued as a “C” skill, and the Switch Leap 1/1 (#1.404) valued as a “D” skill in the Women’s Junior Olympic Program.

When executed, both skills start facing in the same direction, pass through a cross split position, and then finish facing in the same direction.

The difference between these skills is the direction in which the gymnast turns and the angle of the cross split position within the skill.  The Tour Jeté ½ turns away from the lead leg while the Switch Leap 1/1 turns toward the direction of the lead leg.

The Tour Jeté ½ should show a cross split in a Sissone position in the first half of the turn.  Some gymnasts show this cross split in more of a split jump position.

In the first illustration (Figure A) of a Tour Jeté ½, notice how the gymnast is leading with her right leg and is turning to her left (away from the lead lead) while showing a Sissone position in her split.

Figure A.

USA Gymnastics

In the second illustration (Figure B) of a Switch Leap 1/1, the gymnast is leading with her right leg and turning to her right (toward the lead leg).

Figure B.

USA Gymnastics

With all this being said, the key to identifying if a gymnast is performing a Tour Jeté ½ or a Switch Leap 1/1 is the direction in which they turn at the beginning of the skill based on the lead leg.

Watch the video below and see if you can identify the skill being performed.  After the gymnast executes the skill, the video will identify which skill was performed.

How well did you do?

Source: USA Gymnastics, YouTube


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