Updated 2/17 – 2016 College “10.0” Performances


*I have created a page called “College 10.0 Routines” on my blog specifically dedicated to 10.0 routines performed at the college level.  This article will no longer be updated with new routines.  All new 10.0 routines can be found on the new “College 10.0 Routines” page on my blog.

Fortunately, for the sport of gymnastics, NCAA gymnastics has not changed its scoring system like the FIG has done in the past few years.

As college gymnastics fans, we still get the heart stopping moment when we wait for the score to post of what we believe was just a perfect routine from some of the top college athletes.

As the 2016 college gymnastics season begins and continues to excite us, I will post videos of the “10.0 Routines” of the season from some of the most talent gymnasts in the country.


Chayse Capps – OK (2/5 – vs. TWU, Auburn & Illinois State)

*soonersports.com and roadtonationals.com both report that Chayse Capps received a 10.0 on beam during their 2/5 meet against TWU, Auburn, & Illinois State.  To date, I have not been able to find a video of this routine.  If anyone can locate the video, please email me (gymblogcentral.com) and I will post it!

Ashleigh Gnat – LSU (1/30 – vs. Missouri, Oklahoma, Stanford, Washington)*

*Ashleigh’s vault is at 2:11 into the video clip.


Alex McMurtry – UF (1/29 – vs. Alabama)


Bridget Sloan – UF (1/29 – vs. Alabama)


Kennedy Baker – UF (1/29 – vs. Alabama)


Ashleigh Gnat – LSU (1/22 – vs. Kentucky)


Nina McGee – Denver (1/9 – vs. West Virginia & Southern Utah)


Sources: YouTube.com


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