8 New Skills Added to Men’s Code


The FIG has announced that 8 new skills have been added to the Men’s Code of Points.

The first step in the process of adding a new skill to the Code of Points is for the athlete to submit the skill to the FIG Men’s Technical Committee for review.  The Technical Committee will then decide a difficulty rating for the skill.  This rating scale starts with “A” valued skills, the easiest skills to be performed, through “H” valued skills, the most difficult skills to be performed.

After a value has been assigned, the originator, if they want the skill named after them, must then successfully perform the skill in a FIG sanctioned competition without an major errors.  If performed well, the new skill will bear the name of the person that created and successfully performed it in a FIG sanctioned event.

Below is a list of all 8 new skills that were successfully performed in 2015 and added to the Men’s Code of Points.


Athlete: Shirai, Kenzo (JPN)

Skill: Double salto backward stretched with 3/1 twist

Skill Value: H

Skill Name: Shirai 3


Athlete: Pham, Phuoc Hung (VIE)

Skill: Pull with straight arms and body through momentary front lever through Cross to support scale (2 sec.), or Pineda through Cross to Support Scale (2 sec.)

Skill Value: D

Skill Name: Pham


Athlete: Tsukahara, Naoya (AUS)

Skill: From V Cross press to V-sit (2 sec.)

Skill Value: D

Skill Name: Tsukahara 3


Athlete: Tuuha, Tomi (FIN)

Skill: Double salto backward with 5/2 twist tucked

Skill Value: F

Skill Name: Tuuha


Athlete: Tsygankov, Matvey (RUS)

Skill: Handspring forward with 5/2 twist

Skill Value: 4.0 value D-score



Athlete: Dalton, Jacob (USA)

Skill: Roll backward with 1⁄2 twist tuck to hang, or Harada to hang

Skill Value: E

Skill Name: Dalton


Athlete: Yamamuro, Koji (JPN)

Skill: Basket with 3⁄4 turn to handstand and 3⁄4 Healy to support

Skill Value: G

Skill Name: Yamamuro


Athlete: Fuentes, Jose Luis (VEN)

Skill: Adler with hop 1/1 turn through handstand to el-grip, or Baldauf to el-grip

Skill Value: E


Source: fig-gymnastics.com


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