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Artificial Intelligence Set To Judge In 2020

buy generic viagra online Post Views 8,275   Back in June of 2016 we reported that the Japan Gymnastics Association and Fujitsu Ltd., a Japanese technology company, were working together on 3D lasers and data processing, artificial intelligence (AI), as a judging aid to assist with calculating scores. It is now being reported that the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Read More

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Judges Shorthand – Twists & Turns

comprare viagra 25 mg online generico a Firenze Post Views 1,542   In our first Judges Shorthand article, we discussed the basics of shorthand and how many of the shorthand symbols look like the actual gymnastics skill being performed. For example, the shorthand symbol for a cartwheel is an “X”. Once you learn to script many of the JO compulsory skills you can begin to learn Read More

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What Makes That a Perfect 10.0?

cialis generico principio attivo Post Views 1,229   We are now in full competitive swing with NCAA Women’s Gymnastics. Fortunately for us, they still use the 10.0 as the pinnacle of perfection! But what makes a routine a perfect 10.0? First, a judge needs to ensure that the routine being performed on Bars, Beam, or Floor have met all the Special Requirements for that Read More

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Don’t Forget The Small Stuff – Compulsory Beam & Floor

cheap discount cialis Post Views 4,280   As coaches and judges get ready for another competitive season, it is always good practice to review the compulsory beam and floor routines. ESPECIALLY the small details! As a coach, it is valuable to review each compulsory routine found in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic (JO) Compulsory Program book to ensure Read More

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Road To Rio – Understanding Elite Scoring

comprare vardenafil online sicuro Abruzzo Post Views 1,261   As we approach P&G National Championships, Olympic Trials, and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro a crash course on how Women’s Gymnastics routines are evaluated at the Elite level could be beneficial. We are all aware that in 2006 Women’s Gymnastics stopped using the 10.0 scoring system at the Read More

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How Did They Come Up With That Score?

source site Post Views 3,258   As an athlete, coach, parent, or gymnastics fan, have you ever wondered how judges come up with their scores? In this article we will look at how judges come up with scores at the Women’s JO Program Compulsory levels. When evaluating a compulsory routine, a judge reviews their shorthand to ensure Read More

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What’s Your Bar Angle?

go to link Post Views 7,977   At the Compulsory and Optional Levels in the JO Program there are angle requirements that must be met for particular skills when casting into and/or coming out of these skills on bars. Evaluating casting angles and angles of completion on bars takes a sharp eye in order to ensure that the required angles for each Read More

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Scoring A Front Handspring Vault

see url Post Views 22,821   I don’t understand, why did she score so low on her vault?  It looked good to me! As a parent or gymnastics fan, it can be difficult to understand how a front handspring vault is evaluated.  But for a judge, it is easy to come up with a score based on the Read More