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Many businesses start from an inspiration and then are built into a successful operation.

The inspiration for Connie Garland was her daughter and gymnast, Adriann.

Sample Velour Leotard

As a gymnast in the 80’s, comfortable and fashionable leotards were far and few between.  Most competition leotards were velour, a non-breathable and warm fabric resembling velvet; similar to the jump suits worn by your grandmother.

While workout leotards were primarily lycra, an elastic polyurethane fabric, that were a basic design and usually a solid color.

To provide Adriann with a variety of leotard styles and fabrics, Connie decided to design and create her own leotards.

Adriann loved the custom leotards!  But not only were the leotards a huge hit with Adriann but also with her team mates.  This resulted in the beginning of Garland Activewear!

Almost 25 years later, Garland Activewear went from being a small home based business to a major manufacturer shipping custom competition leotards, wholesale leotards, consignment leotards, and boys apparel all over the world.

“The company was created and founded with a mission to provide fun, fashionable, innovative and high quality leotards for the most discerning gymnast,” states Abigail Garland Paul, Vice President of Garland Activewear.

Sample Mesh Back Leotard

Even after all the growth and success of Garland Activewear, they still hold firm to their core values: unparalleled customer service, innovation, fashion, quality and fun.

To continue to push the envelope of fashion and innovation, Garland has introduced their very popular mesh back leotards and ombre leotards.

To see the full collection of competition leotards, wholesale leotards, consignment leotards, and boys apparel visit Garland Activewear today!


3 thoughts on “Garland Activewear – Home Grown to Industry Competitor

  1. Melody says:

    When Ozone dropped the ball, Garland was there to save the day for me last year. Their customer service is great and they are so easy and reasonable to work with. Let them know your budget and they will give you lots of beautiful styles to choose from. Oxford Hills Gymnastics LOVES Garland Activewear!

  2. Heather Brandsrud says:

    I never realized how Garland wear was started. I couldn’t imagine having to wear the original leotards they look really hot! I have had a few of that material over the years but never long sleeve! Thank you Garland Wear for making leotards!

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