Major Change Made To The U.S. Men’s Program



A meeting was held recently to create a plan of action for the 2020 Olympics that included USA Gymnastics men’s program staff, Men’s Program Committee members and coaches of the senior national team.

Kevin Mazeika Photo:
Kevin Mazeika

A major decision was made at the meeting to eliminate the Men’s National Team Coordinator position which was held by Kevin Mazeika.

In it’s place, a new position has been created; High Performance Director.  This will be a full time position that will focus on constant international success and will be based in Colorado Springs at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

The High Performance Director will report to Dennis McIntyre, the Vice President of Men’s Gymnastics

According to the job description, the High Performance Director will be responsible for:

  • Assist Vice President of Men’s Program in all aspects of the elite program.
  • Work with elite coaches and Men’s Program Committee (MPC) in the development and implementation of an international competition plan for the junior and senior national teams
  • Work closely with the Junior Olympic Program Coordinator to plan for an efficient and integrated Junior Olympic and Elite athlete program
  • Consult with National Team athletes and coaches to develop individual training plans and monitor progress
  • Serve as a resource person and conduit for the gathering and exchange of information among coaches
  • Responsible for oversight of overall training and development plan for the Resident Team Program at the USOTC.
  • Responsible for the expert clinician program for the National team
  • Support the development and implementation of an elite coaches’ education plan as assigned
  • Serve as technical consultant to MPC, Junior Olympic Program Committee (JOPC) & National Gymnastics Judges Association (NGJA)
  • Provide scouting information relative to other countries
  • Attend national & international events as necessary or assigned


Steve Penny, USA Gymnastics President, reports, “The coaches, committee members and staff did a thorough review of the existing structure and results, and then took a hard look at what is needed to prepare our athletes for success heading toward Tokyo and beyond.  Having a full-time director based in Colorado Springs is the logical next step and will better enable us to take advantage of the facilities and opportunities available at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.”

For more information on the High Performance Director position, click here.



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