New USA Gymnastics Board of Directors


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lasix how to buy The new USA Gymnastics Board of Directors has been chosen and are now in place.

see url The positions and who holds them include:

follow url follow Athlete Directors

  • Ivana Hong, women’s gymnastics, 2018-20
  • Steven Legendre, men’s gymnastics, 2018-19
  • Dylan Maurer, combined disciplines (rhythmic/acrobatic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling), 2018-21

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  • Kittia Carpenter, women’s gymnastics, 2018
  • Justin Spring, men’s gymnastics, 2018-20
  • Stefanie Korepin, combined disciplines (rhythmic/acrobatic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling), 2018-19

go site Advisory Council Director

  • Kevin White, 2018-21

click Independent Directors

  • Lois Bingham, 2018-21
  • Kathryn Carson, 2018
  • Karen Golz, 2018
  • Brent Lang, 2018-20
  • David Rudd, 2018-20
  • Staci Slaughter, 2018-21
  • Julie Springwater, 2018-19
  • Kimberly Till, 2018-19

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  • Chair: Karen Golz
  • Vice chair/secretary: David Rudd
  • Treasurer: Stefanie Korepin

In addition, a newly created Programs Council has been created and those members include:

  • Acrobatic gymnastics: Elena Arakelyan and Bob Meier
  • Men’s gymnastics: Justin Spring and Gene Watson
  • Rhythmic gymnastics: Stefanie Korepin and Anna Loescher
  • Trampoline and tumbling: Scott Lineberry and Erin Powell
  • Women’s gymnastics: Kittia Carpenter and Claudia Kretschmer
  • Independent director: Lois Bingham

USA Gymnastics states, “Similar to the Athletes’ Council, the newly created Programs Council provides a forum for all five of the competitive disciplines to discuss and provide input on issues of importance to the programs and for the organization’s culture and future.”

To learn more about how the selection process worked, click here.



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