Results – Women’s NCAA Regional Competitions



The Women just completed their last competition and qualifier to NCAA National Championships which will be held on April 14 and 15 in St. Louis, Missouri.

The top 2 teams from each Regional competition qualify on to Nationals.

On April 14, there will be two semifinal competitions.

The top two teams from the Champaign, Fayetteville, and Seattle regionals will compete in one of the semifinals.  The top two teams from the Gainesville, Lincoln, and Morgantown regionals will compete in the other semifinal.

Also, from the April 14 competitions, the All-Around and Event Champions will be named at the competition of the last semifinal competition.

The top 3 teams from each semifinal will advance onto the Super Six Finals on April 15.  From the Super Six Finals, the team that comes out on top will be the 2017 NCAA National Champions.

Fayetteville Regional – South Central


Champaign Regional – Central


Gainesville Regional – Southeast


Lincoln Regional – North Central


Morgantown Regional – Northeast


Seattle Regional – West


For more detailed results by meet, click here.

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