Shirai 3


Kenzo Shirai, the reigning World floor exercise champion, from Japan has submitted a new skill to the FIG called the “Shirai 3”.  Kenzo recently competed the skill at the Toyota International gymnastics meet.

The “Shirai 3” is a double layout with a triple twist.  This new skill is a variation of the Ri Jong Song, a double tuck with a triple twist, which is valued as a “G” level skill.

The FIG technical committee will not review the skill until February.  Kenzo is anticipating that the “Shirai 3” will be valued as an “H” level skill.

The problem for Kenzo is that the Toyota International is not one of the FIG’s main competitions.  Usually for a skill to be named after the creator, the new skill must be successfully competed at a World Championships or Olympic Games.  He will have to wait to see if the technical committee will make an exception for Kenzo.

Kenzo has other skills named after him as well.  The “Shirai” is a quadruple twisting layout and the “Shirai 2” is a front layout with a triple twist, both on floor.  On vault, Kenzo shares a skill with Kim Hee Hoon from South Korea, a Yurchenko triple twist called the “Shirai-Kim.”



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