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Judges Shorthand – Twists & Turns

see url Post Views 1,550   In our first Judges Shorthand article, we discussed the basics of shorthand and how many of the shorthand symbols look like the actual gymnastics skill being performed. For example, the shorthand symbol for a cartwheel is an “X”. Once you learn to script many of the JO compulsory skills you can begin to learn Read More

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What’s Your Bar Angle?

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=best-price-sildenafil-buy-online Post Views 8,019   At the Compulsory and Optional Levels in the JO Program there are angle requirements that must be met for particular skills when casting into and/or coming out of these skills on bars. Evaluating casting angles and angles of completion on bars takes a sharp eye in order to ensure that the required angles for each Read More