Top “10” Articles – 2016



Gym Blog Central has had a tremendous year of growth and development!

This is ALL due to you, our fans, and your support for the news and stories that we publish not only on our blog but also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On our blog we published 99 articles in 2016.  These articles ranged from interviews with people such as Mary Lee Tracy and Tom Koll to coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics to more serious pieces like protecting your gymnast from a predator.

As a Year In Review, we have listed the Top “10” Articles that you found the most interesting:

  1. Scoring A Front Handspring Vault; 10,979 Views; Published 2/23/16
  2. What’s Your Bar Angle?; 4,003 Views; Published 4/21/16
  3. “Gymnastics – UNBROKEN” by YouTuber Anna Burns; 2,215 Views; Published 9/19/16
  4. Road To Rio – Olympic Team Selection Procedures; 1,945 Views; Published 6/22/16
  5. Mary Lee Tracy – Part Time Coach to Olympic Coach; 1,527 Views; Published 9/18/16
  6. Chelle Stack – Helping to Prepare the Future of USAG; 1,345 Views; Published 2/7/16
  7. Olympic Gymnastics Attire Unveiled; 1,181 Views; Published 3/13/16
  8. 2016 Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions; 975 Views; Published 5/16/16
  9. Don’t Forget The Small Stuff – Compulsory Beam & Floor; 945 Views; Published 10/10/16
  10. Follow U.S. Olympic Gymnasts on Social Media; 912 Views; Published 7/12/156

In addition to a few of the Top “10” Articles, here are some articles (in no particular order) that we enjoyed writing or found the most impactful:

  1. First Time At A National Team Camp; Published 12/14/16
  2. Q&A With Valeri Liukin; Published 10/6/16
  3. Protecting Gymnasts From Predators; Published 9/9/16
    1. This is a 3 part series
  4. TOPs – A Path To Elite Gymnastics; Published 7/20/16
  5. How Did They Come Up With That Score?; Published 5/26/16
  6. Rhonda Faehn – The Leader of USA Women’s Gymnastics; Published 3/18/16
  7. Making Gators Dance; Published 2/20/16
    1. This is a 2 part interview with Jeremy Miranda
  8. Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse; Published 12/18/16
  9. Coaches – How To Inquire On A Gymnast’s Routine; Published 9/10/16
  10. Becoming A Gymnastics Judge; Published 3/6/16
    1. This is a 2 part article

As we prepare to move into 2017, we are already planning to write some great articles for your enjoyment and education on the incredible sport of gymnastics.

If there are topics that you would like to learn more about, we would love to hear from you.  You can send your ideas to

Thanks again for all your support and we wish you and your family a happy and safe New year!


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