Week 3 – NCAA Men’s Standings



Some people have asked why I don’t highlight the “10.0” returns for the Men as I do for the Women.

The reason is simple, with the open ended scoring the Men use, I do not know the start value (SV) for each athlete’s routine.  They may have received a 10.0 for their “E” (execution) score but without the SV, I can not determine who performed their routine perfectly.

I will try to make that a focus for next year.

In the meantime, lets see how the Men did after Week 3 of competition!

Team AA:

The team standings remain very much as they did last week except that Nebraska and Penn State flip flopped (no pun intended)!

Oklahoma maintains a 9 point lead over Stanford to securely keep them in 1st place.

Source: roadtonationals.com

Individual AA:

Making their debut in the top 10 this week are Yul Moldauer and Colin Van Wicklen from Oklahoma.

Yul makes a strong All-Around showing by making his debut in 2nd place behind Allan Bower who holds onto 1st place.

Source: roadtonationals.com

Individual Floor:

Emyre, Akash, and Robert were able to hold onto the top 3 spots for another week.

Debuting on Floor in the top 10 this week are Yul Moldauer, Sebastian Quiana, and Anthony Stefanelli.  Yul’s outstanding debut on Floor placed him in 4th place this week!

Source: roadtonationals.com

Individual Pommel Horse:

Debuting this week in 8th place is Colin Coates.

There were some small placement changes among the Men but the most noticeable was Antonio Castro’s jump from 7th place to 4th place.

Source: roadtonationals.com

Individual Rings:

The biggest change this week was Reese Rickett’s drop from 3rd place last week to 5th place this week.

Mitchell Soukup and Tristan Burke made their appearance for the first time in the top 10 this week!

Source: roadtonationals.com


Individual Vault:

There was very little change in the standings on Vault this week other than Vitali Kan and Yul Moldauer appearing in the top 10 for the first time this season.

Source: roadtonationals.com

Individual Parallel Bars:

Yul, Akash, and Allan were again able to hold the top 3 spots this week on P-Bars.

Oklahoma has two athletes making their debut this week in the top 10, Genki Suzuki and Hunter Justus.

Source: roadtonationals.com

Individual High Bar:

We had no new faces this week on High Bar.

In addition, we did not have any big surprises within the placements.  There were only small shifts in the standings most notably in the top 3.

Levi Anderson and Chandler Eggleston switched spots this week.

Source: roadtonationals.com

For more detailed results by meet, click here.

Don’t forget to visit our College 10.0 Routines page to see videos of this years and past years Women’s routines that received a perfect score.

Source: roadtonationals.com


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