What Simone Biles can Teach us about Competing.


My friend and colleague, Wendy Bruce Martin, has granted Gym Blog Central permission to share the following article with you from her site, Get Psyched! Stories That Make You Go Hmmmmm.

Many athletes feel the only way to win is to have an absolutely perfect performance. They feel that they can only win when they have an “ON” day, they bring their A-game, or when all the stars align, and everything just slides into place. Simone Biles just proved to the world; you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be “on”, and you can win with your B-game as long as you keep working, keep pushing, and ….  To read more of the article, click here.

Thanks for sharing Wendy!

Source of article & photo: wendybrucemartin.com


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