Who Is The Top Female Vaulter Between 2000-2016?



So who do you think the top female vaulter is between the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney through the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio?

We looked through the results from World Championships and the Olympic Games during this time frame and counted how many times an athlete finished in the top 5 of event finals.

The female athletes listed below all finished in the top 5 at least three or more times at either or both events.

From this list, we want you to vote on who you think the top vaulter is!

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You can see the full results after you vote.

In case you don’t remember who any of these athletes are, we provided video clips below!

Oksana Chusovitina


Elena Zamolodtchikova


Alicia Sacramone


Cheng Fei


Simone Biles


Anna Pavolova


Hong Un Jong



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