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Ever wonder how gymnasts get those muscular and toned bodies?

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Aly Raisman

Lucky for you, Shannon Miller (Olympic Gymnast) has created a series of fitness videos to help you get into shape using many of the workouts she used while training for the ’92 and ’96 Olympics.

“I decided to make these 10 minute fitness primarily because they work so well for me. I don’t always have time for a solid 45 minute or one hour workout. If I can break it down into 10 minute increments I can get a lot done throughout the day,” states Shannon.

In the series of 11 ten minute videos, Shannon focuses on varies body parts including abs, lower body, arms, and glutes.

Each video is varied including some warm ups, stretches, and conditioning exercises for isolated body parts or for multiple areas of the body.

“The actual exercises and routines are ones that I do for my own fitness regimen. They’re mostly full body workouts, although some focus more on the legs or the core or arms depending on the day.”  Shannon continues, “You can do one routine or pair that with a run or walk. Or you could link three of them together or throughout the day and still make your 30 minute quota.”

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Brandon Wynn and Alex Naddour

These videos have many great advantages for individuals and families.

First, these videos are great for those individuals who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym or the money to spend on membership fees.

According to Shannon, it’s important to take small steps and make sure that you’re working in some sort of physical activity into your daily routine.  Shannon admits, “My 10 minute fitness routines are a great way to get a full body workout if you only have a little bit of time.”

Another fantastic thing about these videos is that Shannon offers variations for each exercise based on your ability level.

“These are work outs that anyone can do and I often show a modified version of specific exercises. I don’t want people to be intimidated by fitness, I want them to be excited about it!” states Shannon.

AND, more importantly, these videos can be used by the whole family.  What a great family bonding experience than to begin a workout regime as a family in order to stay healthy and fit together!

Here is one of the videos from the series:

You can check out all of Shannon’s #10MinuteFitness videos and more on her YouTube Channel.

To go along with her fitness videos, Shannon Miller Fitness, a new fitness apparel line, will be released in late August and will focus on strength, balance and confidence.

“My new apparel line is focused on empowering women to look and feel their very best each day and inspire them to incorporate fitness into their daily lifestyle. One of the things I love the most is that it’s so comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to wash!”

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